Monterey Bay Aquarium

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Monterey Bay Aquarium is located in Monterey California on historic Cannery Row near Pebble beach. It is one of the most charming destinations for anyone visiting. You can see and discover numerous fish species, invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians. Monterey Bay Aquarium is special for its open sea exhibit. For example, you can watch the aquarium staff as they feed sea otters and penguins and observe the interaction of other ocean creatures in their underwater environments. The Aquarium offers special tours for visitors to see how the sophisticated filtration systems operate to keep all the creatures alive and healthy. The Aquarium is a real treasure housing many award winning exhibits and galleries.


Most Exciting Exhibits

The Aquarium's mission is to encourage conservation of all the sea creatures. It gives people a chance to see and become acquainted with the beauty of numerous oceanic aspects. This is achieved through the live exhibits, conservation research, and education outreach programs of different species like sea otters, white sharks and blue fin. Some of the most exciting exhibits include:

  • The 3- story Kelp Forest exhibit
  • The 2 -story sea otter exhibit
  • The bat -ray touch pool
  • The million- gallon outer bay exhibit
  • The Splash and Rocky touch pools
Bat Ray Touch PoolBat Ray Touch Pool - courtesy Wikimedia

The Splash and Rocky touch pools are liked by kids as they enjoy interacting and touching in pool filled with sea cucumbers, starfish and other little ocean creatures. The bat- ray exhibit enables you to feel the softness and tenderness of a bat ray flying by. When it comes to animals guests adore most, penguins, jellies, sea otters, and seahorses are stars of the show at Monterey Bay Aquarium. Be sure to bring your camera. The aquarium allows visitors to take pictures and use the photos for personal use and sharing with friends. No tripods or monopods are allowed. The use of flash is prohibited at some exhibits.


Tips for visiting the Aquarium

Leopard SharkLeopard Shark - courtesy Wikimedia

Since the Aquarium attracts at least 2 million visitors annually, the perfect time to visit is during winter as there are fewer visitors. However, summer and spring break offer numerous activities for families and kids through the Aquarium Adventure programs. During busy days, strollers may clog up crowded areas and exhibits. Visitors are encouraged to make use of smaller single wide strollers if possible. Weekdays are less crowded than weekends. If you are a regular visitor at Monterey Bay Aquarium then you can save some cash by getting a membership. Your membership also enables you to support vital education and ocean conservation programs. Additionally, you will get to enjoy direct entry and access to exclusive member events and activities. The Aquarium also offers discounts on purchases from bookstores and other programs to registered members.


Eating and Parking

Monterey Bay Kelp ForestKelp Forest - by jimh944

If you get hungry, there is an excellent self service café and sit down restaurant offering sustainable seafood and fresh ingredients. The Aquarium does not allow food from outside.

There is metered parking available on surrounding streets. Pay parking is also near the Aquarium between Prescott Avenue and Hoffman Avenue and Cannery Row parking on Wave Street. Bicycle parking is free on the main entrance of the Aquarium across the street, more bike racks can be found along the coastal recreational trail. Monterey Bay Aquarium strives to be totally accessible to the handicapped. Visitors with disabilities are offered free parking at metered parking lots.



Monterey Bay Aquarium

Hours: Mon-Sun 10am–5pm

Address: 886 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA 93940

Phone: (831) 648-4800

Monterey Bay Aquarium FrontMonterey Bay Aquarium - Front- courtesy Wikimedia