California North Coast - Redwood National Park

One of America's greatest national treaures are the coastal redwood trees. Redwood trees are the tallest trees in the world. In 2006, a massive redwood named Hyperion was measured with laser equipment and found to be nearly 380 ft. tall making it the tallest tree in the world. Typical redwood trees average 250' to 300' tall. Hyperion's home is the Redwood National Park in Humboldt County California. Park visitors can walk among these majestic trees, hike along scenic trails, have a picnic, and discover the abundant wildlife that make the park their home.

Interesting Facts

Redwood National Park was created Oct. 2, 1968
Lowest average temperature 39 degrees in December
Highest average temperature 66 degrees in August

Animal Life

Abundant wildlife have been observed at Redwood National Park including Roosevelt Elk, black-tailed deer, mountain lions, bobcats, black bears, beavers, river otters, coyote, chipmunks, rabbits and raccoons.

The Smith River, Klamath River and Redwood Creek within the park provide a fresh drinking water and a habitat for birds such as the osprey, great blue heron, and belted kingfisher. The waters are also home to a number of fish including coho salmon, steelhead, and chinook.


Redwood trees are the stars of the park, but sitka spruce trees are found along the coastline and Douglas fir trees grow near the inland areas. Many other varieties of trees can be found further inland including Jeffrey pine, canyon live oak, madrone, and California bay.


Image by Steve D. Redwood National Park

Photo: SteveD

Photo by Steve D. Roosevelt Elk Redwood National Forest

Photo: SteveD

Redwood National Park Hiking

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Redwood National Park Address

Redwood National Park
1111 Second Street
Crescent City, Ca. 95531
Phone: 707-465-7335
Email: Redwood National Park
Website: NPS Redwood


Where to Stay: Hotels near Redwood National Forest

You can camp at one of the four developed campgrounds at the park for tents and RV's. You can also book a room at a nearby motel, hotel, lodge or bed and breakfast in one of the nearby cities.

Bayview Motel
2844 Fairfield
Eureka, Ca. 95501

Eagle House Victorian Inn
139 2nd St.
Eureka, Ca. Ca. 95501

Emerald Forest of Trinidad
753 Patricks Point Drive,
P.O. Box 870
Trinidad, Ca. 95570

Hampton Inn and Suites
4750 Valley West Blvd.
Arcata, Ca. 95521

View Crest Lodge
3415 Patricks Point Drive
Trinidad, Ca. 95570


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